The Castleton Department of Athletics and Recreation sponsors sport-related activities at the varsityclub, and intramural levels.

Castleton offers 27 varsity programs at the NCAA Division III level, with the majority of its teams competing in the North Atlantic Conference. Castleton also competes in the ECAC East Division for men’s and women’s ice hockey, the NEAC East Division for women’s tennis, and the MacConnell Division of the USCSA for alpine skiing.

In addition to its 27 varsity programs, Castleton offers a number of club sports for full-time undergraduate students. Students also have the opportunity to start new club sports if certain requirements are met.

Castleton hosts a wide variety of intramural sports, which are available for undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff. New intramural sports may also be added, depending on the level of interest, facility space, and equipment needs.

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