Academic Calendar - Resort and Hospitality Management

Fall Semester 2019
August 22-25 New student orientation   Thursday-Sunday
  25 Upperclassmen return   Sunday
  26 Classes begin 8 am Monday
  29 Convocation 4 pm Thursday
September 3 Last day of add/drop   Tuesday
  27 Fall break, lodge closes after classes   Friday
October 1 First late fee applied to students’ account   Tuesday
  6 Lodge reopens   Sunday
  16 Mid trimester grades due   Monday
  18 Last day to drop (grade of “W”)   Friday
November 22 Last day of classes   Friday
  25 Finals begin   Monday
  27 Finals end   Wednesday
  28 Thanksgiving, World Cup athletes arrive   Thursday
December 29-Dec 2 World Cup at Killington   Friday-Monday
  2-4 Pre Co-Op break, after WC breakdown   Monday-Wednesday
Winter 2019 (C19WIK)
December  5 Winter term Co-ops begin   Thursday
January 15 Mid trimester grades due   Wednesday
  17 Last day to drop   Friday
February 24-26 Final Co-Op dates and exit interviews   Monday-Wednesday
  27-March 3 Winter break   Thursday-Tuesday
Spring 2020 (C20SPK)
March 4 Classes begin   Wednesday
  13 End add/drop period   Friday
April 7 Spring break begins, after classes   Tuesday
  12 Lodge reopens 2 p.m. Sunday
  13 Classes resume 8 a.m. Monday
  22 Mid trimester grades due   Wednesday
  24 Last day to drop, grades of "W"   Friday
May 29 Last day of classes   Friday
June 1 Finals begin   Monday
  3 Finals end   Wednesday
  6 Graduation   Saturday