Burnham Holmes

Part-time Faculty

Leavenworth Hall
6 Alumni Drive


Burnham Holmes has written seventeen books. His most recent published writing is a HarperCollins original paperback, "One Shining Moment: Sports Heroes for a Day," and the final chapter ("Thee We Praise": 1990-2012) in "Big Heart: The Journey to Castleton's Two Hundred and Twenty-fifth Birthday."

Beginning in 1968 as Toni Morrison's assistant at Random House, Burnham worked at several publishing houses, was a free-lance writer, and also taught writing and literature for fifteen years at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. For the past nineteen years he has taught writing and speech at Castleton University. In 2006, he led the Castleton London Semester and in 2009 he won the Castleton Endowed Part-Time Faculty Award. In 2011, Burnham's "The Palm Leaf Dialogues" was a winner of the Nor-Eastern Playwriting Contest. In addition, Burnham has acted in twenty plays (his favorite roles: Sir Toby Belch, Doc Gibbs, Falstaff, Mr. Peachum) and for ten years toured in a poetry performance group (Vibes, then Quatrain). He has had several small parts and one lead in independent films and was the first president of Stone Valley Arts in Poultney.


Certificate, University of London
M.A., University of Missouri
B.A., University of Missouri


  • 2011 Nor-Eastern Award for "The Palm Leaf Dialogues"
  • 2009 Castleton Endowed Part-Time Faculty Award
  • Award for "Cesar Chavez: Farm Worker Activist" and "Paul Robeson: A Voice of Struggle" in American Troublemakers Series
  • Award for "The Third Amendment" and "The Fifth Amendment" in the American Heritage History of the Bill of Rights (with an introduction by Chief Justice Warren E. Burger)
  • Father of Ken Holmes