Delma Wood


(802) 468-1235
Leavenworth Hall
Room 58
6 Alumni Drive


Delma Wood has a PhD in contemporary Latin American literature. Her doctoral thesis entitled ‘Las tiranías gastrónomicas en el recetario textual y literario de Como agua para chocolate’ investigates the rhetoric in the articulation of food as a complex social and cultural manifestation as well as a literary legacy in contemporary Latin American literature. She is interested in the role and function of the contemporary Latin American women represented via literature, culture, film, and, particularly dance. She participates in literary international conferences and symposiums. She has published articles in Latin American cultural and literary journals. She has published poetry in collections and electronic sources. She has recited her poetry at various academic conferences and congresses. She has contributed in the coordination, programs and events of the Spanish language, literature and culture, by giving pedagogical presentations, workshops and literary discussions and the reading of research papers, at numerous academic conventions. She teaches Spanish language, literature and culture, and, Film and Literature in translation from the Romance languages. She is native from Argentina. She is also an a Certified Public Accountant.


Ph.D., SUNY at Albany
B.A., SUNY at Albany
B.S., Hunter College