Philip Lamy

Professor, Sociology Coordinator; Applied Percussion

(802) 468-1345
Leavenworth Hall
Room 260
6 Alumni Drive


An award-winning teacher, writer, and filmmaker, Philip Lamy is a Professor of Sociology and Anthropology. Dr. Lamy’s teaching and research interests are in community studies, social movements, globalization, and ethnomusicology. His articles and commentary have appeared in the professional and popular media, including The Boston Globe, The London Times, Time Magazine, National Public Radio and the BBC. A professional musician and music educator, Dr. Lamy is an Applied Percussion Instructor for Castleton’s Music Department and a student of Latin percussion and music. Like many in the Department, Dr. Lamy is active in service learning and civic engagement classes and projects, especially those that focus on enhancing community spaces and social interaction. For example, Dr. Lamy and his students helped to create the Coffee Cottage Cafe, the Outside Classroom, the Community Bicycle Program, and the Brough Pond Park Project.


Ph.D., Northeastern University
M.A., Northeastern University 
B.A., University of Massachusetts