Grant-seeking Policies, Procedures, and Forms

The mission of the Castleton Grants Task Force is to assist faculty and staff at all stages of the grant-seeking process and with on-going project support. The acquisition of external funds is of paramount importance and will help Castleton provide high-quality educational experiences for our students.

The task force's goal is to match project concepts and needs with current and existing funding opportunities. Consider sharing your idea with us by filling out and submitting a Grant Project Concept Form

Grants Handbook

Castleton University Grant Handbook: Policy, Procedures, and Resources
This invaluable resource will guide you through the required steps for documentation through application and submission of your grant. 

Required Forms

Pre-Award Forms

Early Notification Form
Form A & B - Required by the Vermont State Colleges and gives a high-level breakdown of the proposed budget.

Post Award Forms

Form C - Confirms the purpose of the grant and the funding source, also required by the VSC.
Time & Reporting Form - This form helps the Business Office determine the amount of time spent on institutional duties versus grant duties and is also required for Federal Grant Administration.

Additional Resources

Example Budget
Facilities & Administrative Costs (F&A)
Common Data Set

Castleton University Grants Task Force Members

Task Force Member: Title: Phone Number:
Jody Condon TRIO Program Coordinator (802) 468-1786
Kelley Beckwith Director of Academic Services (802) 468-1321
Scott Roper Chair of History, Geography, Economics, Politics (802) 468-1270
Lauren Olewnik Assistant Professor/Librarian (802) 468-6419
Amanda Richardson Director, McNair Scholars Program, IRB Chair (802) 770-7042