Digital Cameras can be checked out for 48 hours. Extended loan times can be requested in advance by contacting Sarah Backus.

Digital Cameras with Memory Cards 

We currently have a number of Canon Vixia SDHC card cameras that are available for checkout. These cameras are supplied with 16GB SDHC cards can hold approximately four hours of HD Definition footage. 

Digital Still Cameras

The Media Center has a number of digital still cameras available for check out. Small, "point and click" cameras have several automatic features, including auto flash and focus. Cameras are loaned out with a SD card and batteries. 

Digital SLR Cameras 

Digital SLR cameras are available for those who need more control and precision with their pictures. We have some additional lenses, including a 17-85mm, 18-55mm, 70-300mm, and a wide-angle zoom lens. We also have a Speedlite 430 EXII flash. Cameras are loaned out with a SD card and battery.

Digital Video Cameras (mini DV)

Digital video cameras give users the ability to film video which can later be edited with software such as iMovie or Final Cut. Our cameras use mini DV video tapes and connect to computers via 4-pin firewire. Cameras are checked out with a battery and AC adapter. You can also request a tripod, if desired. 

The Media Center sells mini DV tapes for these cameras for $3.00.

Portable "Pocket" Video Cameras

Small, portable pocket cameras, like the Flip Video Camera and Sony Bloggie are useful when filming on the go. These camera are portable and easy to use, but have a limited ability to zoom. Footage is stored on the hard drive and the camera connects to a computer using a built in USB connection. Special software is needed to convert the video

.35 mm Film Cameras

Our 35mm film camera stock is very limited, but we do have a few to lend out. These cameras use 35mm film (not available at Media) and allow users to adjust shutter speed and aperture settings. A variety of available lenses allow users to focus on objects close-up or far away, and colored gels can add a tint to your developed photos.

Document Camera 

Document cameras are designed to show images or 3-D objects onto an attached display, such as a TV or projector. A small video camera is attached to an arm and focuses on an object placed on the base of the unit. Users can even make slides or transparent media visible by turning on a base light. Most Smart Classrooms have a document camera incorporated with the system. They can be delivered to classrooms and other areas on campus as requested, but are not available to for general checkout.