The Media Center has projectors available for on-campus use and for off-site campus-related presentations.

Data Projectors

Data Projectors project images sent from connected devices which can include DVD/VHS players, computers, and document cameras. They are installed in many of the classrooms around campus and portable units are also available. We currently support VGA input into our projectors, although we try our best to accommodate those with HDMI outputs.

We also have PC and MAC laptop computers we can deliver for use with data projectors if a presenter does not have one to use.

Slide Projectors

Slide projectors project images from slides, which are images taken by 35mm cameras using special reversal film and mounted in a casing. These units are still used because of the image quality of the slides.

16mm Projector

16mm projectors use special 16mm gage film which projects 24 frames per second, allowing viewers to see motion. Films in this format were historically shot for TV and classroom use although some independent film makers prefer to use this medium.

Overhead Projector

Overhead projectors project images drawn or printed onto a thin, plastic sheet called a transparency. Transparencies can be written on with transparency pen and special transparencies can be purchased that allow you to photocopy or print directly onto them. Please check to make sure units can print onto transparencies before using them in copiers or printers.