Apr 18

Julian Sands in a Celebration of Harold Pinter

In 2005, Mr. Sands was approached to prepare a set of Pinter’s poems for a special presentation in London. This extraordinary collaboration evolved into a wonderfully humorous and fascinating solo show directed by John Malkovich.

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Apr 14

The Opulence of Integrity

The Opulence of Integrity is a multimedia ensemble work inspired by the public life and inner searching of boxing’s outspoken superstar, Muhammad Ali.

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Welcome to Castleton Arts!

Community. Engagement. Transformation.

These three words summarize the ongoing efforts of Castleton University’s arts programs as we continue to expand our offerings, diversify our audiences, and invite conversation from the rich tapestry of our community. Through the production of plays, musicals, concerts, and exhibitions by our three outstanding academic departments, the presentation of some of the world’s finest artists and speakers through Castleton’s renowned Soundings general education program, and our collaboration with outside partners such as Rutland’s Paramount Theatre, we are in the process of creating something very special in our corner of New England.

Indeed, the arts are thriving in Spartan Nation. Academically, our departments of Art, Music, and Theater Arts continue to educate and train artists, arts leaders, and educators of tomorrow with recent graduates securing positions in schools throughout the region and undertaking professional careers in epicenters of arts & culture such as New York City, Boston, and as far afield as Colorado and California. Additionally, this summer we launched a Master’s degree program in arts administration, unique in its approach of offering students the opportunity to complete an entire graduate degree in one calendar year while spending time on the Castleton campus, taking online coursework, and affecting meaningful change in significant arts organizations through an executive internship. Again, our students are making their marks far and wide—from Arizona to the Carolinas to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

As we grow, we are reminded constantly of our obligations to our community—that is, that the arts are virtually useless unless the experience of them is shared. To this end, we are proud to offer a diverse lineup of events this year that will thrill, challenge, and cause our audiences to consider not only the role of the arts in our society, but also the role of the society itself. As our region grapples with how (and whether) to accommodate the resettlement of refugee families in our communities, Castleton Arts will present a number of arts events designed to encourage education, conversation, and compassion in our approach to these issues. Our ongoing and unparalleled collaboration with the Paramount Theatre, Project 240: Celebrating the American Experience, offers opportunities to engage fully with the important election of 2016 while elevating the public discourse around American politics. Simply put, we believe in the power of the arts to bring people together, to stimulate our senses and minds, and to encourage positive social and personal transformation.

Perhaps the only aspect of our arts programming more remarkable than the performances and exhibitions themselves is their affordability. Tickets that would cost upwards of $75 in other area venues will only set our patrons back $18 at the maximum, and most of our event admissions are even less. Moreover, you can purchase season tickets—these get you admission to over $450 of events for only $109 for adults and $89 for faculty, staff, students, and seniors. Stop by the Castleton Box Office in the Fine Arts Center, online 24/7, or call (802) 468-1119 to reserve your season tickets now!

I hope you will join us on this journey and support the arts at Castleton. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at to share your thoughts and responses. We look forward to seeing you—now on with the show!

Richard Cowden
Director of the Arts

Upcoming at the Casella

Mar 22

Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson kicked British butt, shafted the Indians and smacked down the Spaniards, all in the name of these United States – who cares if he didn’t have permission? This stunning musical experience was “Hamilton” before “Hamilton” was “Hamilton”--not to be missed!

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Mar 30

Jeremy Kittel Band

Award-winning fiddler and violinist Jeremy Kittel leads an exceptional band with musical roots spanning the globe. With the drive of Celtic fiddling, spontaneity of jazz, soul of the blues and intricacies of chamber music, the Jeremy Kittel Band captivates and energizes audiences.

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Happening at Castleton

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Apr 29

Downtown Rutland Art Tour

On Saturday, April 29 there will be a tour of five art venues in downtown Rutland: The Castleton Downtown Gallery, The Castleton Gallery Annex, The Castleton…