Castleton Art Galleries

The Christine Price Gallery, located in the lobby of the Castleton Fine Arts Center, and the Castleton University Bank Gallery, located in the heart of Rutland's historic downtown, showcase local and regional artists throughout the year.

Castleton University Bank Gallery
104 Merchants Row
Former Lake Sunapee Bank, Rutland
Thursday - Saturday 12 pm - 6 pm 

Christine Price Gallery
Fine Arts Center, Castleton University
45 Alumni Drive, Castleton
Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm 

Jonathan Schechner

Kelly Burgess

Keep the Car Running
February 7-March 16, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, February 15, 6-8 p.m.
Artists: Kelly Burgess and Jonathan Schechner
Castleton University Bank Gallery

Jonathan Schechner’s color photographs from the project For the Time Being explore the themes of home, belonging, isolation, and the various intersections of people and the environment. In his work, he is processing his own sense of not belonging where he lives. Jonathan moved to Vermont from Israel as a teenager in 2005 and still faces a lack of clarity as to what home is for him – and where it might be.

Kelly Burgess’ photographs from her book Sing Me Back Home were made on road trips across the United States between 2012-2018. Her work is an exploration of the external American landscape and an internal emotional landscape using image, text, irony, and repeating themes. She uses the road trip as a means of searching and the exploration of the cultural and social perception of loneliness. The photographs seat themselves within the context of the American road trip within photography and literature: a coming of age journey that is almost entirely male. Sing Me Back Home begins with the examination of a heartbreak and the ubiquitous nature of those emotions existing within the irony of isolating and creating her own world while simultaneously going out on the road to search for fulfillment.

Matthew Peake

Just a Matter of Perspective
March 30-May 4, 2019
Artist: Matthew J. Peake
Castleton University Bank Gallery

Matthew J. Peake began his art career with realistic renderings of the nude, but his obsession with movement has taken him in the direction of both the creation of mobiles and the composing and displaying of his works on a rotational frame (The RoFrame). Using the latter device, his work has become more abstracted. His paintings have been rotated during the making of them, resulting in finishes pieces which can be viewed with interest from any direction. Both of these aspects are honored by exhibiting them on a rotating frame, a device which allows a viewer to see the painting one way, and invites them to easily turn the piece any number of degrees to view it from a completely different perspective. Matthew’s interactive paintings on The RoFrame will prompt a dialogue between the viewer and artist about relationships and how changes in perspective change those relationships.

Hallie Monroe

Hallie Monroe: Illustrations on Glass
May 11-June 22, 2019
Artist: Hallie Monroe
Castleton University Bank Gallery

The organic qualities of glass are the inspiration for Hallie Monroe’s images of portraiture and nature. To create these works, she uses vitreous paint on the glass, which is then fired in a kiln. Rich textures and visual depth are achieved by using traditional techniques such as sandblasting, acid etch and fusing.

Jon Levine

We Are America
June 29-August 23, 2019
Artist: Hallie Monroe
Castleton University Bank Gallery

Jon Levine’s Art is a reflection of the beauty & diversity of city-life. He chooses to use color as a medium to reflect that as it shows people in their natural form — candid shots of everyday life.