Bridge Initiative

Beyond Castleton

Castleton Bridge Initiative Creates July Fourth Party

The Castleton Bridge Initiative worked tirelessly to develop the first-ever Castleton Post-Parade July 4 Party in 2019.

The Bridge Initiative is composed of Town of Castleton residents, Castleton University personnel, and students working together to foster bonds of understanding and good will. Since May of 2015, the initiative has been raising awareness of resources for learning, enrichment and entertainment, and developing innovative joint ventures.

The Bridge Initiative has approximately 15 active members who have devoted time and energy to building multiple "bridges" connecting the university and the community, including:

  • Developing volunteer opportunities for new student orientation
  • Organizing student visits to homes on Main Street
  • Arranging for student presentations at Town and Select Board Meetings
  • Advocating for emails to residents about events at Castleton University
  • Staffing booths during registration, orientation, homecoming, and other important events
  • Regularly posting announcements on Front Porch Forum about Castleton events
  • Arranging for two-for-one season tickets for community members at Casella Theater
  • Organizing lunches on campus for students and town residents and officials
  • Finding host families for visiting scholars
  • Partnering with Slate Valley Trails to map and place signs at trails near campus
  • Joint art tour to museums in Massachusetts and New York
  • Arranging for Castleton residence life staff to participate in Colonial Day
  • Creating a university presence in the town's fourth of July parade
  • Expanding delivery of The Spartan, Castleton's student newspaper
  • Facilitating a series of presentations from international students at the town library
  • Providing information about the initiative's work for the annual town report

Members of the Bridge Initiative represent town government, including the town manager and recreation department staff; local business owners; community groups like the Lions Club, Castleton Women's Club, Lake Bomoseen Association; and Castleton Historical Society; and Main Street residents. Castleton University is represented by faculty from Natural Sciences, Sociology, and Political Science; staff from the library and the Education department; Residence Life and Student Life staff; and the Office of Advancement. Student Government Association sends its vice president of community relations.