International Student Office

Castleton’s International Student Office (ISO) is responsible for ensuring the delivery of support services to international students from matriculation to graduation.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, more than 100 Castleton students originate from outside the United States, representing 41 different countries on campus. These countries are: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Benin, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Burundi, Canada, China, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Peru, the Philippines, Rwanda, Somalia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, United Kingdom, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

This is the largest number of countries ever represented by Castleton students in one year. 

In addition to the U.S., the breakdown of countries are as follows:

  • 25 countries represented by international students (those who are non-immigrants and studying in the U.S. on a temporary (F1 or J1) visa) 
  • 16 countries represented by refugee and immigrant students (those who are permanent residents of the U.S.)