Accounts Payable

 To request:

  • a payment
  • a new procurement card (P-Card)
  • receive a P-Card limit increase
  • fill out a missing receipt form

Please log into the VSC portal.

  1. Select VSC Forms from the tabs at the top.
  2. Select the correct form.
  3. Please be sure to fill in all red asterisk * fields.
  4. Attach any receipts, backup information, or W-9's as necessary.
  5. Push the Submit button.

The form will be forwarded to the appropriate person/people for authorization.

Check Processing

Checks are printed on Thursdays. Check requests must be received at the OC by the previous Thursday at 4 pm. We are required to have a completed W-9 on file for each person or vendor to whom we issue a check. Holidays may extend the processing period.

W-9 Form


The VSC P-Card Program is administered through Bank of America. It is intended to streamline the purchasing process, enabling designated users to order online to make business-related purchases, eliminating the need for purchase orders and check requests. Please read the P-Card Manual and Policy to understand your rights and responsibilities regarding the use of the P-Card. These can be found on the VSC Forms site. (Please follow the directions above to login to the VSC portal to get to the VSC forms site.)

Petty Cash

Petty cash is available through the Finance office. There is a $25 limit per transaction. The account number to be charged, a short description of the purchase, and a signature must be provided.

Helpful Links

Castleton's Tax Exemption Form
Castleton's W-9 Form