Guest Registration

All students must register their guest(s) through their eRezlife accounts. Please login to register all overnight guests.

Guest Policy

Guests are defined as follows:
1. Residential student who is not a resident of suite or room the person is visiting
2. Non-student
3. Overnight guests: any guest staying beyond 11 pm.

Guests are permitted as long as all University, policies, and procedures are adhered to and all roommates agree to the visit.

Guests must comply with the following:
1. Residents who have a guest(s) are accepting full responsibility for the actions of their guest(s) and are subject to disciplinary action for the misconduct of their guest(s).
2. A guest must be accompanied by their host at all times.
3. Guests will be considered the same age as their host when enforcing alcohol policies if their host is under the age of 21.
4. Guests are allowed to stay overnight only if all occupants of the room agree to the visit.
5. All overnight guests must be registered online by their host who must sign a guest contract and verify roommate’s permission.
6. You will login to your eRezLife account to register overnight guests. The online guest form can be found at
7. Overnight guests under the age of 16 years will not be permitted.
8. Non-student overnight guests under the age of 18 years of age need parental permission and must register in person at the Office of Public Safety.
9. No guests are allowed to stay on campus more than three nights during a seven day period, and no more than six nights in a thirty day period.
10. The number of guests cannot exceed the maximum number of residents in that room and no resident may have more than two guests at any one time.
11. Overnight guest vehicles must park in the South Street Lot. Any other parking area is subject to ticket, boot, and or towing.