Equipment Available

Media Services offers a variety of on campus equipment that can be signed out and loaned for individual and classroom use, including the following:

  • TV and VCRs
  • Camcorders - VHS format
  • Elmo Visual Presenter (Video Copystand)
  • Copystand (35mm)
  • Laser Disc Players
  • Slide, 16mm, Opaque, and Overhead Projectors
  • Tape Recorders/Record Players
  • CD Players
  • Lectern (portable mic/speaker)
  • Dry Mount Press
  • Eiki Video Beam and Eiki Data Projectro (PC and MAC)
  • Computer Scan Converters (PC and MAC)
  • Color One Scanner with Ofoto and Omnipage software
  • Video Editing Equipment, including a character generator and a mixer for special effects (strobe, mosaic, paint, wipes, and mixes)
  • Satellite C-band