Computers/Tablets & Accessories

Computers & Tablets


Laptops – Ed Tech services has both Apple and PC laptops for use on campus in spaces where computers are not installed.


iPads - We have 26 iPads for classroom use, and 2 short term loaners for Faculty. Please call at least a week in advance if you would like to use the iPads for a class. If you need a specific app please call Karen or Sarah to find out if it is available.

Dell Venue – Loaded with Windows 8 this tablet is available for use by faculty who are looking for the Apple alternative.

Kindle Fire Our Kindle Fire is loaded with books about Canvas. So if you are looking for Canvas resources come check it out.

Wacom tablets are pen tablets. They are used by photographers, graphic designers and even instructors with Kahn Academy to touch up photos, design work with a pen instead of the mouse and even input math equations into their work.

Dongles – allow laptops that do not have VGA ports to connect to our projectors. We have HDMI and a variety of Apple dongles available.

PowerPoint remotes for Macs and PCs The PowerPoint remotes allow the presenter to move around the room and still change their slides. For those who like to get out from behind the podium it is a great tool. They do not work with Prezi. 


We have both mac and pc flatbed scanners and a slide scanner. We do have OCR (Optical Character Recognition software. With OCR software a paper can be scanned and edited so if your computer file is lost but you have a hard copy of a paper and you still need to edit it we can help.


Educational Technology Services has projectors available for on-campus use and for off-site campus-related presentations.

Data Projectors

Data Projectors project images sent from connected devices which can include DVD/VHS players, computers, and document cameras. They are installed in many of the classrooms around campus and portable units are also available. We currently support VGA input into our projectors, although we try our best to accommodate those with HDMI outputs.

We also have PC and MAC laptop computers we can deliver for use with data projectors if a presenter does not have one to use.

We have older projectors still available including slide projectors, 16mm projectors and overhead/transparency projectors.