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Camtasia is a screen video-capturing software that allows users to make videos or presentations by recording your on-screen activity. Users can add audio narration or add a video of themselves via a webcam. Videos can be exported into a variety of formats that allows users to share finished products on a variety of media. 

Camtasia is available in the Educational Technology Services on a PC laptop or Apple desktop. 

TechSmith's Tutorials for Camtasia


Laminators place a plastic film around materials, preserving them from color loss, water damage or deterioration. Lamination cannot be removed once it has been sealed to a document and should not be used to preserve historic documents or important paperwork or one of a kind items.

Ed Tech staff will laminate items up to 26" in width and no thicker than 20 mil (.02"). There is a materials charge for lamination.

Response Devices

Turning Technologies is an Audience Response System that allows participants to respond to questions displayed on a computer using a small device called a clicker. Responses are tracked by the software and the data can be used to gauge student comprehension or to make demographic comparisons  Clicker answers can be anonymous, or they can be tracked by the clicker ID. 

Educational Technology Services has sets of clickers that instructors may borrow for their classes.

Video Editing Software


iMovie is a video editing software specific to the Mac platform and part of the iLife software suite. This software allows users to import footage from a variety of sources, edit the clips, add transitions, titles and other effects to a movie and then export it. Educational Technology Services uses iMovie 11 and we have several computers in Ed Tech Services for students to use. Instructors can schedule a time for classes to come to Ed Tech to receive a tutorial on how to use iMovie.

For those with experience with Adobe Premiere CS6 on the Macs and Pinnacle Studio on the PC, we have the programs available.

Video Transfer

Video Transfer allows video to be transferred from one format to another. This can be done in various ways, including decks designed to copy one media format to another and devices that capture analog video and convert it into a digital format that can be imported into iMovie or Premier. Additionally, video transfer can include changing the digital format of a file so that it can be read and used by particular pieces of software.

It is important to note that any Video Transfer must happen within the boundaries of copyright laws.

Video Transfer Decks

mini DV to DVD/ DVD to mini DV
mini DV to VHS/ VHS to mini DV

Pinnacle Video Transfer Device

Connects to video devices and captures to a flash drive or external hard drive. Video is captured in MPEG-4 format in 320x240 or 640x480 video format, depending on the device settings.

Because there are many different video and audio formats and they are not always compatible there are many different free web-based audio and video converter programs available.

Here is one we have used:

MPEG StreamClip - Squared 5 

For audio editing there is Audacity 


Castleton uses Canvas as its Online Learning Management System. Canvas allows faculty to deliver and receive materials electronically and gives students the ability to participate in an online community. This offers flexibility to faculty and students and increases collaboration between learners. Our Canvas site is shared across the Vermont State College System, which offers greater flexibility to students who may participate in courses from various VSC institutions.

Resources for Faculty and Students

Canvas Medic: Adobe Connect Canvas Medic (Enter as Guest)

Offers live, online help with Canvas for faculty and students.
Fall Hours: Mon - Thurs 9 am – 7 pm

PDF Guides

Using Canvas: Set Up Your Site: Set Up Guide

A brief tutorial for beginners that shows you how to set up your Canvas site in eight quick steps.

Using Canvas: Enhance Your Site: Enhance Your Site

Advanced tips and techniques for adjusting your Canvas site.

A quick overview of Canvas for students.