Audio Devices

Educational Technology Services has a number of audio devices that faculty, staff, and students can borrow.

Digital Audio Recorders

Digital audio recorders give users the ability to record a meeting, interview or lecture and download it into a computer. Advanced recorders record higher quality sound, have stronger microphones and record on four microphone channels.

Audio Listening Device

Audio listening devices allow users to listen to a number of various media, including cassettes, CDs, and audio files. This can be used as a group via internal speakers or by an individual via headphones. They also have the ability to transfer cassette tapes into digital format, barring any copyright restrictions.


Boomboxes allow users the ability to play radio, cassette tapes, and CDs in a portable player. Typically they work well for classroom-sized audiences.

Portable Speaker/Microphone

The portable speaker and microphone unit gives users the ability to amplify their voice to larger groups. The microphone is wireless and the speaker has a built in rechargeable battery. These units can be mounted on stands to keep them out of the way and optimize sound quality. Speakers can be hooked up to various devices as an external speaker. This is useful when presenting to larger audiences where installed speakers are not present.

For on the go events needing audio reinforcement we have a Samson megaphone that has a dock for an iPod.