Communication & Technology

Communications from the University

Students may receive official communication from the University via campus mail, campus email, or as mail to their home addresses. Each student will be assigned a Castleton email address. Students are expected to monitor their University email accounts since important messages from instructors and University administrators are sent to those accounts. Some official correspondence will only be sent to University email addresses.

Full-time matriculated undergraduate students all receive on-campus mailboxes. Students are responsible for checking their campus boxes. Some official correspondence will only be sent to campus boxes. For students who do not have campus boxes, or during breaks, mail from the University will be sent to the students' home addresses on file in the Financial & Registration Center. Financial Aid information will be emailed to the student at her/his Castleton email address. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the Financial and Registration Center has an accurate address on file. Students may change their address on their Portal or may complete a change of address form in Financial and Registration Services.

VSC Acceptable Use Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define permissible behavior of those Vermont State Colleges (“VSC”) faculty, staff, students and others using VSC computing and telecommunications resources (“VSC IT Resources”) in order to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of VSC IT Resources and promote the goals and values of the VSC. These rules are in place to protect the user and the VSC. Inappropriate use exposes the VSC to risks including virus attacks, compromise of network systems and services, and legal issues. The Vermont State Colleges (VSC) owns and maintains computing and telecommunications technologies to support the education, research and daily work of its faculty, staff, and students.

By connecting thousands of computers at the Vermont State Colleges with each other and with national and international networks, VSC IT Resources provides a wide range of educational benefits. The VSC values freedom of expression, scholarly inquiry, and information sharing, provided they are consistent with VSC policies, state and federal laws, and constitutional provisions. Associated with these values is the personal and professional obligation of each member of our community to use computer and network resources responsibly, ethically, and in accordance with the laws and rights of others. The use of shared resources relies on a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation to create and maintain an open community of responsible users.

This policy applies to any user of VSC IT Resources. The full policy can be found here.

Notice on Peer to Peer File Sharing and Copyright Law

The purpose of this notice is to remind students that the use of peer-to-peer file sharing applications (i.e. BitTorrent and similar) is strongly discouraged at Castleton University.

The unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material is a violation of federal law and students engaging in such activities may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties, including fines and jail time.

In addition, students may also be subject to disciplinary action through the University judicial process. Potential penalties include the loss of network privileges, as well as penalties outlined in the Disciplinary Procedure section of the University Handbook.

Castleton University Email

Castleton University recognizes the University’s email system as an official means for University notifications and correspondence.

All students are expected to use the University email system. It is recommended that students check their Castleton email accounts often, and frequently delete old messages. Failure to check email may result in a student being unaware of University requirements and expectations.

Castleton University is not responsible for problems with email delivered to non-University email accounts.


Each full-time matriculated student including commuters, is assigned a mailbox in the Campus Center. This box assignment will remain unchanged until you graduate from Castleton as long as you are a registered students. If you take a leave of absence, you will be assigned a new box upon your return to Castleton.

For security reasons you are required to show your ID at the window when picking up packages and checking your box number or combination. All packages received for students will be kept for eight (8) weeks. Packages not picked up after eight (8) weeks will be returned to sender unless specific arrangements have been made with the Mail Room Supervisor.  All mail is removed from boxes during semester break and after Commencement. First class mail will be forwarded; all other mail will be recycled.

Never have cash sent through the mail. The Mail Room is not responsible for missing cash. We suggest a Postal Money Order, check or direct transfer to your bank account.

All mail must be addressed to you with "CU" preceding your box number. DO NOT USE “PO BOX” or your residence hall. Please allow ample delivery time for packages and letters prior to breaks. Do not have mail expressed for Saturday or Sunday delivery. It is strongly suggested that correspondents send sensitive mail with a method that includes a tracking number. The Mail Room is not responsible for incorrectly addressed mail.