Why Volunteer

Castleton serves the University and the surrounding community by providing volunteer opportunities for students, faculty and staff, based on the needs of our community partners.

With countless volunteer opportunities throughout the local area, participants are able to gain practical job experience in a variety of fields, while working to give back to others and the greater community.

While many employers look for employees who have an expertise in a certain area, they are also seeking individuals who are community minded and are concerned about the world in which they live.

10 Reasons to Volunteer

  1. You can make a difference
    Every volunteer has the ability to make a lasting difference.
  2. You learn a lot
    When you volunteer you are able to discover hidden talents and knowledge that can help you in future endeavors.
  3. It promotes self esteem and personal growth
    As a volunteer you can better grasp an understanding of community needs and foster empathy and self-efficacy.
  4. Volunteering brings people together
    Volunteer opportunities assist in building a sense of teamwork and uniting people from diverse backgrounds while working for a common goal.
  5. You can gain valuable professional experience
    Volunteering allows you to get out and become active in a field you are interested in and will allow you to test out possible career paths.
  6. It saves resources
    When volunteering your time and providing valuable community services free of charge, more funds can be saved and spent on other local developments.
  7. Volunteering strengthens the local community
    Through volunteer work participants have countless opportunities to better the community, improve schools, and support local youth and families.
  8. It encourages civic responsibility
    Volunteering and providing community service are ways to invest in the community and the people who call it home.
  9. You get a change to give back
    As a volunteer you have the opportunity to support community resources that benefit people and areas you care about most.
  10.  It’s good for you
    Volunteering can not only provide physical rewards, such as improvement of mood, strength and immune system, but can also offer mental rewards like reducing stress levels.