Castleton Archives

Castleton has a long history dating back to 1787 when the Castleton townspeople started the Rutland County Grammar School, 21 years after the town was chartered.

About the Archives

The University Archives collection, located on campus in the Calvin Coolidge Library, seeks to capture the University's history by collecting, preserving and sharing a variety of materials. Resources include college yearbooks, handbooks, catalogs, commencement programs, photos, films, and artifacts. 

Some material is available in digital form:

If you have questions our archival collections, please contact Appointments should be made to use our Rare Book collection - contact or schedule an appointment with a librarian.

Archives Working Group

The Archives Working Group strives to establish and implement policies and procedures having to do with inventorying, preserving, and accessing data, documents, images, and artifacts which have been determined to have historical or administrative value. The group is comprised of representatives from across campus and is chaired by Victoria Angis. The Working Group's top priorities include:

  • Developing a comprehensive list of materials, both physical and digital, vital to preserving the University’s history;
  • Advocating for funding to support a searchable digital archive;
  • Establishing criteria, standards, and policies for archival material retention and digitization;
  • Advocating for upgrades to the library’s archive space to allow for easier public access and to ensure preservation of archival materials.