Social CHANGE Initiative & Violence Prevention/Advocacy

CHANGE stands for Creating, Honoring, Advocating, and Nurturing Gender Equity. CHANGE is a coalition of faculty, students, administrators and staff members who work together to develop programs that educate about issues such as sexual assault, rape, relationship violence, sexism and homophobia in the hopes of creating a campus that embraces gender equity in all of its forms.

Annual CHANGE programs include:

  • Women’s History Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month
  • Hands are not for Hurting
  • Love Your Body
  • National Coming Out Day
  • World AIDS Day

Peer Advocates for CHANGE (PAC)

PAC is a volunteer student group. They have been trained to educate the campus about sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and harassment. PAC members are also victim advocates who staff a 24/7 hotline which is available to survivors or friends of survivors. 

Call the 24/7 Confidential PAC Line at (802) 417-1408.

Professional Advocacy Services

It is emphasized that the student’s voice dictates any and all courses of action.

A student may choose simply to talk and may choose to take no action. 

In response to sexual assault, relationship violence, harassment and stalking the advocate will :

  • Assist students in navigating resources both on and off campus. 
  • Provide confidential advocacy
  • Offer referrals to resources, services, and counseling
  • Be available for ongoing support