Heather Foley

Biology, '13

Heather FoleyAfter earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Castleton in 2013, alumna Heather Foley was accepted into the professional pharmacy program at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for her Doctorate of Pharmacy.  

“Since I left Castleton, it has changed from a college to a university. I have yet to reorder my diploma to reflect the change, but I plan to,” she said. “They have also implemented a dual degree program that guarantees acceptance to Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for Health Science majors after accrual of necessary prerequisites and maintenance of a certain GPA.” 

Foley wishes this program had been in place during her time at Castleton as she remembers having to navigate through the application process without much assistance because it just hadn't been done. She hopes these changes will lead more students to pursue a path to pharmacology. 

With the campus close to her home in Fair Haven, Vermont, she thought that Castleton would be the perfect place to begin her education.  

“Castleton allowed me to develop a sense of curiosity which is such an advantage to anyone who wishes to continue in their academic career,” she said. “There will always be things I don't know, but having the hunger to research and find out the answers is something I owe to my time at Castleton.” 

As a student during one of the more pivotal periods of growth for Castleton, Foley is happy that the university is continuing to grow.  

“Being a Castleton alum gives me a huge amount of pride. When I think about the college when I started and where it is now, I feel so fortunate to be a part of something that keeps getting better,” she said. 

Having very few classes with more than 15 students, she credits the ability to get to know her professors one-on-one within the classroom and labs with helping her to feel more comfortable in her degree. 

“My advice would be not to take for granted the four years you have at Castleton to grow and develop. One of the best resources will be the passionate professors at Castleton. And of course, don't forget to have fun!”