Spanish Language and Literature Program Requirements

These requirements are from an excerpt from the University Academic Catalog, which outlines the requirements for a student to earn the distinction of being a Castleton University graduate. The complete catalog is available online.

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish will demonstrate their ability to:

  • Speak, live with and relate to peoples of Spanish background in Vermont, the USA, and abroad.
  • Gain entry to and pass courses taken at accredited universities in Spanish speaking countries.
  • Compare favorably with other graduates of Spanish language programs in their ability to gain employment using their critical thinking and language/cultural skills in a variety of contexts.

Complete 30 credits of Spanish at the 2000 level or above

At least 12 of the 30 credits must be in Spanish literature

and complete the following related courses (9 cr):

Code Course Credits

ENG 1310

Introduction to Literature

This course asks students to consider and apply the variety of formal strategies by which accomplished readers interpret, appraise, and appreciate fiction, poetry, and drama. English majors should complete this course their first year.

This course counts towards the Aesthetic Understanding Frame of Reference.

Prerequisite: ENG 0040/ENG 1010, or equivalents.

Every semester


FLL 1110

Film and Lit: Hispanic, French and Italian

A global reach of literary texts and film in cultural and/or literary translation from the Hispanic, French, or Italian languages and cultures, starting from the late 20th century. Film, novels, short stories, essays, and poetry will be analyzed and discussed. Works will be presented as part of a global consciousness in terms of interrelationships including historical context. They may be selected by theme, genre, topic, and/or special combination that are thought provoking and respond to current interest. Students will be required to do oral presentations and written reports.

This course fulfills the Aesthetic Understanding or World Views Frame of Reference.

Every semester


HIS 2410

History and Culture of Latin America

The pre-Columbian Indian cultures of the New World; the Spanish and Portuguese conquest and colonial empires; the political and cultural divergence that followed independence; the economic and social problems of the Latin American republics and the course of their relations with the United States.

This course fulfills the World Views Frame of Reference.

Spring, odd years


and complete one semester of Study Abroad

At least 6 credits will be in Spanish language, literature, or culture. These 6 credits are in addition to the 30 credits of work done on campus.

(Credits required for the major: 45 cr)

Teaching Spanish at the Elementary or Secondary Level

Students who wish to teach Spanish at the elementary or secondary level must seek preK-12 licensure, focusing their experience partly in elementary and partly in secondary requirements, in consultation with their EDU advisor. Click here to see the requirements for preK-12 licensure.

Note that students seeking licensure to teach Spanish are required to take SPA 4020 - Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language in Pre K-12 Schools.

And complete the University's Gen Ed requirements

Click here for General Education Requirements.