Elements of the Castleton Brand

In order to promote Castleton's brand initiative, use of the Castleton logo should strictly adhere to the standards outlined in this guide.

An official logo must be used on all marketing materials including printed pieces, visual presentations, and advertising.

Castleton Wordmark & Logo

Logo Spacing

The spacing around the logo should never be less than the size of the capital "C" in the Castleton logo.

Spacing around the Castleton logo

Official Treatments

The Castleton logo may appear on white, green, black or other neutral-toned colors such as ivory or gray. It may never appear on any other color.

The graphic may be used to the left of the wordmark or nested above the “ast” in the wordmark. Additionally, the graphic may be used by itself in special cases as approved by the Office of Marketing & Communications. The primary use case for the standalone graphic pertains to its application on College Store merchandise. No other graphic is allowed with or in place of the logo.Castleton Logo Treatments



The wordmark-only version of the logo can be used without restriction on web, print, and merchandise applications.

Castleton's stand-alone wordmark

Logo & Image

The Castleton logo may be used over an image provided it meets the established spacing requirements. The white version of the logo may only be used over darker images to ensure that it is clearly legible. Conversely, the green version of the logo may only be used over lighter images. These examples show the lightest acceptable dark background for the white version, and the darkest light background acceptable for the green version.

View photography guidelines.

Using Castleton's wordmark on an image

Logo Extensions

Logo extensions, such as a center, club, or department, should be added below the logo in Whitney Book when deemed appropriate by the Office of Marketing & Communications. Using the logo version with the graphic above the wordmark is not allowed.

Castleton wordmark with extensions

Detailed Graphic

On larger marketing and print materials, such as banners, apparel, and merchandise, any of these detailed graphic alternatives may be used.

This graphic option should never be printed smaller than 3” x 3” and should also never be used on the web.

Castleton's detailed graphic