Photography Usage

Strengthening the Castleton University brand identity through photography is an imperative part of telling the real Castleton University story.

Campus, People, and Story Based Imagery

The photography used throughout printed and electronic marketing materials must always feel authentic and never staged. Photography should be used to tell the Castleton University story, emphasizing the strong academics, warmth and activity of the community, and impressive natural surroundings.

Campus should only be represented through photographs showcasing people interacting with the buildings and spaces, highlighting the activity and energy of the University.

Mood and Background Imagery

The impressive natural beauty of the surrounding region should be featured throughout mood and background imagery. Photographs of the mountains, lush greens, and crisp aired settings will help create a visual language that has strong ties to the logotype and Castleton University brand identity.

Photography Examples

A student lights her candle. The candlelighting ceremony. Freshmen tree planting.