Castleton Athletics Brand Identity

As Castleton continues to strive for excellence in and out of the classroom, it is imperative that the entire athletic department communicate with a clear, consistent public identity.

Every time someone from Castleton communicates with the public, it contributes to our reputation. Public appearances, publications, stationery, newsletters, t-shirts, displays, business cards, web sites, fliers, signs, uniforms, and other forms of communication represent not just the individual program, but the entire university.

As symbols of the athletics program, the logos must be used appropriately in all forms of communication. When used correctly, the results are strong, consistent graphics that inspire confidence in players and staff, and enhance the reputation of the program and institution.

All Castleton logos, word marks, and verbiage are registered trademarks and subject to proper approval and royalties through Strategic Marketing Affiliates.

This guide covers most, but not all, examples of acceptable usage. All logo usage is subject to the approval of the Director of Marketing & Communications.

By complying with these specifications, you help project a clear, unifying image for the university.