Lending A Helping Hand

Castleton University Nursing students recently took to Honduras to participate in their first medical mission as a new medical brigade chapter under the Global Brigades organization. Tasked with providing sustainable medical and dental care to the local communities, the student-led group, accompanied by two faculty and staff advisors, spent nearly an entire week delivering various healthcare services to more than 1,000 local people.

Nursing Honduras“When we were down there we had three clinical days and two community days,” explained junior Nursing student Savanah Graves.  “For our clinical days, we went to different communities where we set up treatment areas in local schools. We triaged patients and consulted with Honduran doctors who spoke English and translated for us.”

During their trip, students were able to rotate through different medical areas such as triage, dental, and CHARLA, where they educated Honduran children on the importance dental hygiene. 

“As nursing students were able to gain experience while hundreds of community members received healthcare,” said junior Regan Smith. “We also participated in a water day where we helped dig trenches for a water system. It was incredible to see everyone come together to make the job easier.”

Nursing studentsLarge majorities of the native Honduran citizens live in rural communities without access to proper healthcare, drinking water, sanitation, electricity, or access to proper roadways leading to civilization, allowing for a multitude of diseases and infection caused by poor sanitation. Leaving a lasting impression on brigade attendees, the recent mission provided valuable field experience to Castleton Nursing students, while helping to aid a country in need.

“For me, experiencing the Honduran culture was a once in a lifetime experience,” said Smith, who was forever changed by the humbling experience. “To be so openly welcomed and to make such deep connections with people who don’t even speak the same language as me was an amazing feeling. I was truly humbled by the resilience and good-natured character of the Honduran people.”