Faculty-Student Research Grant Reimbursement Procedures

Reimbursement on Equipment and Supplies

All funds must be spent by June 30 for each fiscal year. The supervising faculty member completes a check request form, which is available from Sue Reedy in the Business Office, second floor of Woodruff and enclosed here, attaches receipts, and forwards all portions to Dean Johnston for approval. The Business Office will process this request and mail a check to the faculty member. Should it be more practical to secure an advance for direct purchase, the same basic process is required. The only exception is that an estimate must be attached to the check request form, and a receipt must be submitted upon purchase.

Reimbursement on Student Travel

Use the same procedure as above to reimburse for mileage (.565/mile) and other student travel expenses, such as conference registration, housing, and airfare. A check can be mailed to the student researchers if they paid for or made their own travel arrangements. All receipts for travel and conference registration should be submitted to Sue Reedy in the Business Office upon completion of the trip.

Stipends for Student Researchers

There are two ways to pay student researchers (rate in 2014 = $8.73):

a) Preferred: If a student is on the Castleton payroll, meaning they have another work study or have had a work study in the recent past, the supervising faculty member must inform Debbie Larson in the Human Resources Department that this individual will be receiving grant funds. This ensures the appropriate taxes are withheld. The student will then submit time entries, as with any other work study, through the VSC portal, the faculty member will approve each entry, and Dean Johnston will approve each faculty-approval entry. Payments will be made according to the regular work-study schedule. Please see enclosed Student Employment Form.

b) If a student is not on the Castleton payroll, the supervising faculty member must submit a check request form, as they would with equipment and supplies, whenever a payment is desired. Each form must indicate the number of hours worked and the rate of pay per hour. After Dean Johnston has approved the request, Sue Reedy will issue a check to the student.