Civic Engagement Program

Learn how you can make a difference.

The Civic Engagement Program helps students to integrate and intensify their experiences of community engagement at Castleton. 

Castleton students are actively involved in the community. Through service projects like the Castleton Elementary School Mentoring Program, Sustainability & Green Campus Initiatives, or Alternative Spring Break Programs, students give back in a variety of ways. In the Civic Engagement Program, students learn how to connect this commitment to service with their regular coursework. As students advance through the program, they gain skills that will enable them to better address the needs of the many communities to which they belong.

This program is open to students studying in any major or professional program.  After completing the program requirements, students earn a Certificate, like a minor, which appears on their final transcripts.  

In the Civic Engagement Program students learn:


In Civic Engagement courses, students learn more about the impact of their community engagement. This coursework broadens their perspective on the needs faced by our communities as well as various methods for addressing these needs. Students in the program learn how to make a difference effectively but also responsibly.


Civic Engagement courses teach skills that will be helpful for students' studies and that are in demand by employers.  Students build their capacities for problem-solving and for managing meaningful projects.  They also hone academic and professional skills such as applied research and communicating their ideas to diverse audiences.  


The ultimate goal of the program is to promote the development of engaged citizens, students who can recognize a need in their community and collaborate with others to address this need in a responsible and sustainable way.

Students may enroll in the program at any time during their studies at Castleton, but they are encouraged to learn more about the program and begin as early in their studies as possible. 

Students who are interested in joining the program can apply simply using a web-based form.

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