2017 Castleton Scholarship Celebration

In spring 2017 there were seventy presentations at the Castleton Scholars Celebration. The abstracts of some of those presentations can be downloaded below.

Programming a Tool for Psychological Studies, by Robert Bacon

Throne of Cain by Jessica Baker

“A new Champion in the Ranks of Freedom”: Vermont Abolitionist Views on the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 by Amanda Begin

Changes in DOC Photoreactivity under Various Flow Regimes, by Mason Brown

A Young Republic Under Attack: Political and Social Reactions of Rutland County, Vermont Towards the Saratoga Campaign, by Jeff Bruce

A Role for Neuropeptide-Like Precursor 3 in Drosophila Ethanol Tolerance, by David R. Burns, Caitlin N. McCluskey, Audrey E. Phillip, Nicholas F. White, & Sam Marzalkowski

The New American Gods: Superheroes in the Age of Global Terrorism, by Patrick Cote-Abel

Determining the Accuracy and Reliability of the BSX INSIGHT, a Wearable, Non-Invasive Lactate Measuring Device, by Oliver Cunningham and Cassidy Auger

Discovering New Antibiotic Producing Bacteria in Soil, by Kyle Dash

The impact of Food Labeling on the Perception of Food Taste and Healthiness Using the Halo Effect, by Nicholas Franssen

Environments of the Past, by Bryant Garrow

Shade Avoidance Syndrome in the Model Organism Arabidopsis Thaliana, by Emily Giddings

Racial Bias in the Police Department, by Justin Goulet

An Investigation of Brittle Stars (Ophiuroidea) Around Saint John Island in the U.S.V.I., by Kyla Leary

Photochemical transformations of organic carbon in three different land use types, Lake Champlain basin, by Montana Lofthouse

Editing Cinema Into New Perspectives, by Molly Marcy 

Female Students and STEM, by Brianna Morse

Evaluation of VO2max and Lactate Threshold of Nordic Skiers During a Competitive Season, by Ashley Pelkey, Cody Mahoney and Sabrina Hosner

Engagement: Social and Behavioral Needs in the Classroom, by Jenna Ray

Public Perception of Police, by Mikayla Shaw & Brandi Galloway

Domocentric relationships in “The Haunting of Hill House,” by Josselyn Swett

Small World Initiative, by Weslee Thompson

“Answers,” by Elisabeth Waller and Keith Hannigan

Measuring alkalinity with a benchtop system light, by Catie Weilgasz

Shade avoidance in Arabidopsis thaliana, by Nicole Wershoven

Effects of Anti-inebriation Drugs on the Activity of Alcohol Dehydrogenase, by Justin Whitney