Program Requirements

Program Overview

Students who major in Archaeology, Geography, and Applied Anthropology are required to complete a minimum of 33 credits: Nine credits in required core courses, 15 credits in electives, six credits of internship, and a three-credit capstone seminar. 

All majors will be strongly encouraged to complete one or more of the certificates offered by the program.

Core Courses (9 credits)

Majors complete each of these courses, preferably within their first year of study.

  • ANT 1010 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANT 2010 Archaeology – Tracing the Human Past
  • GEO 2150 Cultural Geography

Electives (15 credits)

Majors complete five of the following courses.  To emphasize an interdisciplinary perspective, students must complete at least two courses from each of Anthropology/Archaeology (ANT) and Geography (GEO).

  • ANT 2210 Anthropology and the Environment
  • ANT 2710 Selected Topics in Anthropology/Archaeology
  • ANT 2xxx Field School in Archaeology
  • ANT 3010 Native Societies of America
  • ANT 3xxx Applied Anthropology
  • ANT 3xxx 3D Scanning, Morphometrics, and Digital Curation
  • GEO 2210 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • GEO 2xxx Cartography
  • GEO 2xxx Time and Space in North America
  • GEO 3xxx Applied Geographic Information Systems
  • GEO 3xxx Reconstructing Past Landscapes
  • GEO 3xxx Conservation, Planning, and the Environment

Internship(s) (6 credits)

Majors complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of internship.  Internships will be developed in consultation with the student’s program advisor and oriented toward the acquisition of specific technical skills and experience required by their anticipated careers.  Potential internships include positions with public and private agencies around the state and in-house internships in partnership with program faculty.

  • AGA 3810/4810 Internship in Archaeology/Geography/Applied Anthropology

Capstone Seminar (3 credits)

Majors complete a collaborative capstone seminar analyzing and evaluating their internship and program experiences.  Majors present the results of their work in an annual symposium and report published by the program.

  • AGA 4xxx Capstone Seminar in Archaeology, Geography, & Applied Anthropology