Room Selection

To participate in Room Selection 2018-2019 all students must:

  1. Pay a $100 room deposit
    • Room deposits are different from your bill and are paid separately. Deposits are due at the Financial & Registration Services Center (located in Woodruff Hall bottom floor) before Tuesday, April 10, 2018 by 4 pm.  Deposits are accepted only if your bill is paid in full. If you pay your room deposit late, you will be eligible to participate in room selection only after those with a priority number have selected a room.
  2. Be in satisfactory conduct and academic standing
    • Do you have overdue sanctions to complete? Meet with your Area Coordinator to develop a plan in advance.
  3. Fill out the online Housing Contract
    • Contracts should be completed online prior to Room Selection Night, you will not be able to print or fill them out on Room Selection Night.

New Squatting Process for 2018

Room Selection Process

Information Session Schedule

Room Selection Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Single and Triple Room Information

Downtown Rutland Apartments

Special and Theme Housing 2018 - 2019

Squat in Advance

Do you really like your current room? Now, you can “squat your room” in advance and skip room selection completely!

Do you really like your current building, but not your room/suite/roommate? Now, you can “squat your building” in advance. This guarantees you another room within your current building that you can pick on room selection night.

If either of these options interest you, please fill out the online squatting form before Sunday, April 15, 2018 at midnight. If you have any questions about this form or the squatting process, please feel free to ask your CA, AC, or the Residence Life Office.

Room Selection Process - Castleton Campus

Step One: On Wednesday night, come to the Campus Center Atrium and pick up your printed housing contract. Tables will be marked alphabetically by the first letter of your last name. Remember: housing contracts should be completed online prior to Room Selection Night, you will not be able to print or fill them out at room selection.

Step Two: Once you have your housing contract, proceed upstairs to the lobby near the building manager’s desk to get your priority number from the priority number list. This list will be used to determine the order in which students can choose rooms. It will be posted on Friday, April 13 at 4 pm on the bulletin board outside of the Student Life Office if you are interested in knowing your number prior to Room Selection Night.

Things to know about the priority list:

  • Lower priority numbers are called first during room selection. So, the lower your number, the better your chance of getting the room in the building you really want.  
  • Your priority number is based on the number of credits you have completed through the fall 2017 semester. It does not include any current credits you are taking this spring 2018. Students who have completed the greatest number of credits will have the lowest priority number for room selection. 
  • Priority numbers are also based on your current housing situation. Students who already live on campus or in the Rutland apartments get priority over non-residential students during room selection. Non-residential students can find their names on a second priority list, different than the residential students.
  • Any residential students who pay their deposit late or are in poor conduct standing will not be given a priority number and will not see their name on the list. You can still participate in room selection but will get last priority regardless of your class standing or number of credits completed.
  • Roommates have the option to use the lower of the two priority numbers for room selection. Both roommates must be eligible to participate in room selection.

Step Three: With your housing contract and priority number, proceed upstairs to the Informal Lounge where the CA’s will help you get in the right line according to your priority number to wait for your number to be called. Priority numbers will be called in order from smallest to largest. When your number is called, you will go into the 1787 room to select your room.

Your choices in the 1787 room:

  • Did you squat your room in advance? You are all set and did not need to come to room selection. You can go home and relax because you have the same room next year that you currently have this year.
  • Did you squat your building in advance? When you get into the 1787 Room, find the table that matches your current building (if you squatted Hoff, you must choose a room in Hoff) and pick your room. The advantage of squatting in advance is that you are guaranteed a room in your current building even if the building is considered “full” when your priority number is called. You are still able to choose a room in that building.
  • You didn’t squat in advance? No problem, you want to try to get into a new building and here is your chance. In the 1787 Room, there will be several tables set up, one for each residence hall on campus. Go to the one you are most interested in and have the CA at the table help you to pick a room. If you do not have a roommate selected prior to room selection, you will be encouraged to fill a vacant space in the building. If you choose a room that does not have another returning student in it, chances are that you will receive a first year or transfer student to be your roommate in August 2018.
  • Different housing choices on campus to consider:

Pod Style Housing Themes

  • Audet House – Honors housing
  • North House – Service housing
  • South House – Wellness housing

Suite Style Housing

  • Castleton Hall, Haskell Hall, Adams Hall, Morrill Hall, and Wheeler Hall

Corridor Style Housing

  • Hoff Hall, Ellis Hall, and Babcock Hall
  • Gender inclusive housing is located in corridor style housing only. Ellis Hall (2nd and 3rd floor), Hoff Hall (2nd and 3rd floor), and Babcock Hall (all floors)
  • Single rooms located in Ellis Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I squat my room or building? 

You can fill out the online form any time before Sunday, April 15, 2018. You do not have to wait until you pay your room deposit to fill out the squatting form. Although, if you do not pay your room deposit and fill out your housing contract before April 10, 2018, you forfeit your squatted room.

I am unable to attend room selection, what can I do? 

You can fill out a Proxy Form and have another student attend room selection in your absence. You can obtain a proxy form from the office of Student Life located on the top floor of the Campus Center. This needs to be done in advance and the student must have the completed form with your signature at room selection in order to participate.

I want a new student to be my roommate, what should I do? 

When you fill out your Housing Contract, make sure you request that new student on your contract. Then, at room section, be sure to add the person’s name to the room you select as your roommate. You must have the student’s full name listed and cannot write something vague; for example, a “new hockey player” or “an international student”. The new student MUST list you as their requested roommate on their Housing Contract and submit it by July 1, 2018. If you have any questions about this, please contact the Residence Life Office.

I need housing accommodations, where do I go? 

If you have or need a housing accommodation, please contact the Academic Support Center in Babcock Hall (first floor).

What happens if I am put on the waitlist? 

If the demand for rooms exceeds 60% occupancy of returning students in a particular building, a waitlist will be started. Someone from the Residence Life Office will contact you if and when your name is considered. You will be contacted at the phone number or email address listed on your housing contract. 

Do you still have questions?

Attend an Information Session or contact us.

Information Session Schedule

Rutland Apartment Info Sessions

  • March 8: 12:30 – 2 pm / Campus Center / Informal Lounge

On-Campus Info Sessions

  • March 28: 6 pm / Castleton Hall / Multi-Purpose Room
  • April 13: 1 pm Campus Center / Formal Lounge

Room Selection Schedule

Rutland Apartment Housing

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 / 12:30 - 1:30 pm / Campus Center - Informal Lounge

Who Should Attend: Students who currently live on the Castleton Campus, but want to live in Foley or Gryphon Hall next year. Also, students who currently live in the Rutland Apartments and squatted their building (Foley or Gryphon), but want to move into another room. 

*If you have already squatted your room in advance, you do not need to attend Rutland Room Selection.

Any students who want to live in the Rutland apartments, who did not squat their room, must come to the Rutland Apartment Room Selection and must be eligible to participate. This means, a student must be in satisfactory conduct standing, must have their bill paid in full, and must fill out their housing contract online in advance. All $100 deposits will be waived for students who choose to live in the Downtown Rutland Apartments (Foley and Gryphon) if they meet these criteria. If you have any questions about the apartments, please contact Michael Robilotto in the Residence Life office in advance.

On-Campus Housing

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 / 9 – 11 pm / Campus Center - 1787 Room

Who Should Attend: Students who want to live in their current building (and squatted their building in advance), but want to move into a different room or live in a new building for the 2018-19 academic year. This includes all themed housing and single rooms based on availability.

*If you have already squatted your room in advance, you do not need to attend room selection night.

Single and Triple Room Information

  • Single Rooms - Next Fall, single rooms are limited and will only be available in Ellis, Foley, and Gryphon Halls. If you currently live in a designated single room in these buildings, you may squat that room, then priority numbers will be used for students to select the remaining singles. A waiting list for single rooms will be generated that night if needed.
  • Triple Rooms - If you currently live in a triple (Babcock Hall or Hoff Hall) and plan on squatting the space, you must have three people to be eligible to squat that room. 

Downtown Rutland Apartments

  • Foley Hall Apartments - This housing option is located in downtown Rutland at the corner of West Street and Merchants Row on the second and third floors above the Chamber of Commerce. Each furnished unit offers single person bedrooms with one to four persons per apartment and includes a kitchen/living area and one bathroom. 
  • Gryphon Hall Apartments - Located across the street from Foley Hall in downtown Rutland on the second floor of the Gryphon Building. These apartments offer single and double bedroom options.  

Special and Theme Housing 2018 - 2019

  • Service House: North HouseThe primary goal of the Service Housing is to bring students closer to an understanding of why it’s important to be a good citizen and give back to others and their community both locally and globally. Students who live in Service House will complete 20 hours of community service per semester and execute one house-wide service learning project per academic year.
  • Honors House: Audet HouseHonors Housing provides a common ground for living and learning with one another in an academically focused setting. It promotes academic excellence and intellectual exploration to students who participate in the Honors Program at Castleton University.
  • Wellness House: South HouseThe primary goal of Wellness Housing is to provide students who are committed to pursuing a healthy, well-balanced, and substance-free lifestyle in an environment that is conducive to a holistic view of wellness. All students who reside in the Wellness House must sign a Wellness Housing Agreement.

*Current members of Specialty Housing (Apartment, Service, Honors, and Wellness) will have squatter’s rights. All other students who wish to reside in Specialty Housing will select a room based on priority number.

  • Gender Inclusive Rooms: We recognize that same-sex room assignments are not ideal for all students. At Castleton University, we offer gender-inclusive double rooms on campus in Babcock, Ellis, and Hoff Hall and off campus in Foley and Gryphon Halls. Students have the option to live with a roommate of their choice, regardless of their gender identity or their roommate’s. 

*Gender Inclusive Rooms are new this year and available to any student who is eligible to live on campus.