Castleton International Student Gets the Edge

Taking her skills and talents from the classroom to the professional field, Castleton international student Zhenting Wang recently landed a paid internship after taking an internship with a local design company. A transfer student from China earning her Master of Arts in Education, Wang graduated from Castleton with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design in December 2017 and spent her winter break participating in a mini-internship at Green Screen Graphics in Rutland before joining their design team.

Rita Wang“I applied for an internship because I really wanted to get more experience about how my major was connected to the real world,” said Wang, who credits Director of Career Services Renee Beaupre-White with guiding her through the internship process. “Green Screen Graphics decided to give me a chance. It was really exciting for me as a student who had just graduated from school.”

Through her internship Wang assisted with a variety of projects, working alongside skilled graphic designers. Her supervisors were so impressed by her talents and growth, she was offered the position of Graphic Designer.

Looking towards to future, Wang plans to continue learning her trade while preparing for a future in education. Upon graduation, she hopes to return home to China and start a career.

“From that internship, I learned a lot. It helped me to have a better understanding of how I should teach students if I am going to be a teacher in the future,” explained Wang. “I can do a lot of things in my future and I have to thank Castleton University for helping me open doors and make my future bright.”