AS in Media and Communication Program Requirements

These requirements are from an excerpt from the University Academic Catalog, which outline the requirements for a student to earn the distinction of being a Castleton University graduate. The complete catalog is available online.

Associate of Science graduates in Media & Communication will be aware of the nature of media as a force in shaping social, economic, and political structure.

Complete the following:

Code Course Credits

COM 1040

Media Writing

This is a basic course covering writing in a variety of media including print and broadcast journalism, advertising, instructional television, public relations and broadcast continuity.

Prerequisite: ENG 1061.

Every Semester


COM 1211

Introduction to Video and Filmmaking

This is a project-oriented course in which students develop their abilities to communicate in a wide range of video applications. It offers hands-on instruction, practice and guidance in writing, producing, directing, camerawork, audio recording, single and multi-camera production, and editing. Depending on their interests, students produce, direct and/or appear on camera in a number of in-and out-of class productions.

Fee Studio fee $20.

Every Semester


COM 1220

Introduction to Media and Communication

This course introduces students to the study of communication processes and media literacy practices. Students will explore print media, audio-visual media and mobile platforms. They will also examine historical and technological developments, and subsequent cultural, political and economic implications of these platforms.

This course fulfills the Social and Behavioral Understanding Frame of Reference.

Every Semester


COM 2170

Radio Programming and Production

An introductory investigation of various problems and skills encountered in radio. Subjects include radio formats, programming decisions, broadcast regulation, announcing, “spot” production, remote broadcasts, and sound mixing. Students will work with the WIUV-FM facility. Music majors will work on semester projects involving microphone placement, sound mixing, and multi-track recording techniques.

Every Semester


COM 2230

Introduction to Journalism

Students will learn to report and write both hard news and short feature stories, including one story stemming from a local government meeting. They will learn journalistic interviewing skills and use digital devices to assist storytelling across multiple platforms.

Prerequisite: ENG 1061 or equivalent

Every semester


COM 2260

Media and Society

  • Plus 12 additional credits in COM 12 cr

This course examines media audiences. In looking at the interaction between media and society, it explores how media create an imagined community, how audiences use the media, and what impact media messages have on audiences. In addition to reading secondary research on media theories, students also gather and analyze primary data.

Prerequisite: COM 1220 or permission of instructor.

Every semester


(Total credits in Communication major: 30 cr)

And complete the University's Gen Ed requirements

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