Estate Planning Myths

In planning estates there are a variety of misconceptions. Below are the facts behind the fiction.

Estate Planning is only for the Wealthy

Regardless of financial status, every person has an estate. An estate includes everything from savings and retirement accounts to jewelry and real estate. Ensuring that your life’s work and possessions are passed to the next generation is a worthwhile endeavor and allows you to improve the lives of the people and charitable institutions that you value.

Creating a Legal Gift is a Complicated Process

Making a legacy gift can be quite simple. A more popular and straightforward choice for making a planned gift is our Bequest Through a Will option. In your will, Castleton University may be named as a beneficiary for a sum of money, a percentage of your estate or anything of value, such as fine art, land, stocks or other property. This can be accomplished at no cost to the provider and by simply adding a provision, or codicil in your will.

Planned Gifts Do Not Fit into My Financial Strategy

Similar to Charitable Gift Annuities, (CGAs) Legacy commitments can strengthen your retirement resources. CGAs provide substantial tax benefits and a secure, fixed lifetime income with some of the most favorable rates in the market today.

All Legal Gifts Must be Millions of Dollars to Make A Difference at Castleton

Legacy gifts have a tangible and meaningful impact regardless of their size. If you have taken care of every contingency, your lifetime expenses are covered and you’ve been generous with your family, we would help you have a plan in place for a legacy gift.

Estate Gifts Are Not as Important to Castleton As Annual Gifts

Organizations like Castleton need both your current and future support to ensure long-term success.

As a legacy donor, you’ll establish an enduring connection to the University by touching the lives that are the minds of Castleton’s future. You may choose to support a program or department that is of certain value to you or make an unrestricted gift that enables Castleton to address its most urgent needs. Regardless of your choice, you join a special group of alumni, parents, and friends who have secured the University’s future.