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Faculty-Student Research Grant Recipients 2013-2014

Academic Dean Tony Peffer devoted $20,000 to support faculty-student collaborative research projects for the 2013-2014 academic year. Associate Academic Dean Ingrid Johnston-Robledo and a committee of faculty reviewed the proposals for the fall. Eighteen teams were awarded grants, with projects spanning the disciplines and utilizing many different methods to answer research questions and generate knowledge. Most teams presented their work at regional and national conferences as well as the Castleton Scholars Celebration in May 2014.

Fall 2013

1. Jennifer Weisenburger: Validating Methods for Plethodontid Salamander Population Assessments (Faculty advisor: Cynthia Moulton, Natural Sciences)

2. George Grant: Molecular Cloning of the Clostridium acetobutylicum NAD+ dependent glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (Faculty advisor: Livia Vastag, Natural Sciences)

3. Jennifer Smela: Construction of rape in media (Faculty advisor: Sanjukta Ghosh, Communications)

4. Stephany Churchill & Cody Sorrentino: The Effects of Civic Engagement (Faculty advisor: Terry Bergen, Psychology)

5. Chelsea Sheehan, McKynze Works, Cassie Pinaire, & Molly Ramsden: A double-edged sword: Examining the effect of negative acknowledgment and self-blame on perceptions of a blamed rape victim (Faculty advisor: Kathryn Sperry, Psychology)

6. McKynze Works, Cassie Pinaire, & Molly Ramsden: Predicting which jurors will blame the victim in a Sexual Assault Case: Going beyond gender and Rape Myth Acceptance (Faculty advisor: Kathryn Sperry, Psychology)

7. Mitchell Francis: Illustration of the digital book Ooh, Philosophy!: An on-line, open-source, highly-interactive introductory philosophy text" (Faculty advisor: Brendan Lalor, Philosophy)

Spring 2014

1. Kaler, Bryce, Darwell, Tanner, Snee, John, & Delia, Mikaela: Student Assessment of Social Media as an Instructional Strategy (Faculty advisors: Bill Godair & Ed Dansereau, Business Administration)

2. Pepin, Carly, Marshall, Tim, & French, Kim: Geologic Evolution of the Shelving Rock Quadrangle, Eastern Adirondacks, NY (Faculty advisor: Tim Grover, Natural Sciences)

3. Fletcher, Dillon: Vermont Technology Job Trends: 2014 & Beyond (Faculty advisor: Scott Hanselman, Business Administration)

4. Orr, Rachel: Growth Rate Trends in Holstein Dairy Calves Aging 0-8 Weeks Fed a Free Choice Diet (Faculty advisor: Cynthia Moulton, Natural Sciences)

5. Weisenburger, Jennifer: Plethodontid Salamander Population Assessments at Four Stream Sites in Rutland County, Vermont (Faculty advisor: Cynthia Moulton, Natural Sciences)

6. Curtis, Ethan: The Influence of a Community Exercise Program on Physical Activity (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray, Physical Education)

7. Monell, Nicholas: Does Academic and Athletic Motivation Vary Among Division III Athletes? (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray, Physical Education)

8. Burns, Shannon: The Role of Personality Profiles of Collegiate Athletes in Determining the Likelihood of Reporting and Treating Athletic Injuries (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray, Physical Education)

9. Cameron, Jess & Ripley, Katherine: CSC’s Community Adult Physical Activity Program-A Closer Look at Effectiveness (Faculty advisor: Gail Regan, Physical Education)

10. Noonan, Alex & Derksen, Victoria: Exploring the Relationships between Risk Behavior and Demographic Factors among Vermont Youth and Castleton Students (Faculty advisor: Rich Clark, History, Geography, Economics & Political Science)

11. Breen, Ashley: Characterization of dissolved inorganic nutrients and organic matter in the Castleton River (Faculty advisor: Andrew Vermilyea, Natural Sciences)