Business Administration

The Business Administration Department is designed to provide a foundation of general business knowledge on which students can individually grow. Students and professors have the opportunity to interact one-on-one and in small groups, creating a support system much like that of a family. Professors strive to instill values of ethical behavior and integrity while actively guiding students through advisor/advisee relationships. In a small but professional learning environment, students are able to develop the skills necessary to succeed outside the classroom.

In addition to a B.S. Accounting, Marketing, or Management, the department also offers several minors as well as a Business by Contract A.S. degree.

Students successful attaining a degree in Business Administration will be able to compete effectively for professional employment, understand the importance of professional behavior, possess a strong work ethic, and be prepared to pursue lifelong learning, including graduate school and beyond.

B.S. Accounting

The B.S. Accounting curriculum prepares you to pursue a career as a corporate, not-for-profit, government or small business accountant. You may also choose to continue your studies at the graduate level in programs such as Castleton's Master of Science in Accounting.

Upon completion of the Accounting curriculum, you will:

  • Achieve technical competency and professional knowledge in accounting theory, auditing, and individual income taxation
  • Understand the integration of accounting, finance, management, marketing, and economics
  • Develop the written, oral, and information technology skills needed to thrive in the accounting profession
  • Function collaboratively with others in the workplace

B.S. Management

The B.S. Management curriculum is designed to provide the knowledge and practice for a student to succeed in a variety of businesses. Whether the student wishes to start a career in their own business, enter into a management position in an ongoing business, or even prepare for graduate studies, Castleton's management curriculum provides students with both theory and practical application.

Students may also choose to double-major by adding either the accounting or marketing programs to their degree plan. Many also choose to add a minor, such as statistics, communication, economics, or coaching.

Upon completion of the management curriculum, you will:

  • Possess the knowledge and practice needed to succeed as a manager, including written and oral communication skills
  • Identify and solve problems
  • Think critically and analytically
  • Prepare business and strategic plans

B.S. Marketing

The B.S. Marketing curriculum provides students with the marketing skills necessary for personal and professional success in today's rapidly changing business environment. The marketing curriculum offers a broad, flexible course of study designed to enable students to establish a solid foundation of marketing knowledge for use in various careers and the skill set to become critical thinkers, effective communicators and valuable assets to a wide array of organizations, or their own entrepreneurial ventures.

The marketing curriculum offers a wide range of courses, which cover basic and advanced concepts as well as marketing strategy. Students learn to make strategic and tactical decisions regarding the product, pricing, promotion, and distribution elements of the marketing mix.

Upon completion of the marketing curriculum, you will:

  • Employ marketing skills, including marketing research, marketing planning, competitive analysis, and strategic planning to respond to organizational marketing challenges.
  • Conduct research, analyze data, create effective marketing plans, and support decisions that meet the needs and wants of customers and organizational stakeholders.
  • Cultivate and maintain positive interpersonal relationships based on personal and professional integrity, good communication skills, character, ethical behavior, and positive interactions with teams, managers, and customers.

Business by Contract

The business contract option allows students to obtain an A.S. in Business Administration within two years. This degree would be appropriate for students who desire to obtain an initial college degree prior to making the commitment to complete a four-year degree. Courses completed for an associate's degree can be applied to the completion of a four-year degree.

The contract must include 30 credits within the Department of Business Administration with prior approval of the student's business faculty advisor. Of these 30 credits, up to 9 credits may be from non-business areas if the student and their advisor agree such courses will make a contribution to the student's objectives.

A student wishing to concentrate the 30 credits in a specific area such as accounting, management, or marketing must consult with the business faculty advisor.

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