Political Science

Political Science is a relatively new major at Castleton, although it is a discipline that stretches back to the writings of Thucydides. Political science is the study of politics and government, power, public policies, and political behavior. As a political science student you will learn about international relations, American government, political theory, and the methods by which scholars study political behavior and government. You will also learn to apply theoretical and empirical analysis to better understand political power and governmental activity.

In addition to the traditional classes of political science—such as political theory, American government, international relations, and comparative governments—the Castleton political science program offers you the opportunity to study public opinion by engaging with the Castleton Polling Institute and its work.

The Castleton political science major is a good choice for students interested in pursuing graduate work in political science, public policy, public administration, or law. By emphasizing both political theory as well as empirical analysis, Castleton political science students will leave their undergraduate program with a firm grounding in both the ability to put political ideas in proper context and also the ability to conduct research and analysis in the social sciences.