Global Studies

A bachelor’s degree in Global Studies provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the changing world order.

The coursework in this multidisciplinary major trains you to analyze the world in a variety of contexts — geographic, historical, economic, environmental, political, cultural, social, religious, philosophical, and aesthetic.

Highlights of the Global Studies Degree

Faculty in the Global Studies program are experts in the cultures, languages, histories, economics, politics, societies, and geographies of the world and have a deep understanding of the systems and networks that connect them all. These faculty mentors are your Castleton anchors when you study abroad. They can guide you as you assimilate to a new culture and help you interpret the career benefits of your experiences when you return home.

You can concentrate your learning in a particular region through our major, minor and certificate options. A certificate in Global Studies provides an excellent additional credential for students majoring in business, nursing, health science, athletic training or any other professional discipline.

You will have the opportunity to gain competency in Spanish, French, Chinese, or Arabic.

Career Opportunities in Global Studies

Employers in a wide variety of fields are eager to hire graduates who possess an understanding of global issues.

Many careers today require skills that are based on international and global contextual knowledge.

In the Global Studies program, you develop your skills in research, writing, analysis, and problem-solving to position yourself for success in our global economy. The program’s thematic concentrations will prepare you for a specific career path in either the cultural, environmental, or political sectors.

Global Studies provides effective preparation for further academic pursuits in the many arenas in which a broad knowledge of the world beyond our borders is crucial – including law, business, communications, diplomacy, and government work to name just a few.