History is a fascinating, important, and rewarding field of study. With a B.A. in History from Castleton you will acquire insight into the ideas and events that shaped the beliefs, desires, practices, institutions, and lives of men and women of earlier societies. At the same time, a thoughtful examination of the past can also reveal a great deal about the contemporary world. You will learn to appreciate the diversity of human experience and to perceive the meaning of events from multiple perspectives. The insights you gain allow you to engage in critical analysis of your own cultures and assumptions, a skill which is of inestimable value in our increasingly complex, multicultural, and globalized society.

The history program at Castleton takes a globally orientated approach to studying the past. The members of the award-winning faculty offer courses in each major region of the world, allowing students to explore the histories of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. As a history major at Castleton, you will also benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of the department by taking classes in economics, geography, and political science. The history program especially emphasizes the value of hands-on learning, as each student develops and carries out his or her own original research project before graduation.

The history curriculum covers a broad variety of regions and eras, and you will be free to follow your interests wherever they may lead. Still, the history community at Castleton is small enough that you can expect a great deal of individual attention. Introductory classes contain no more than 25 students, and highly-interactive upper-division seminar classes are capped at 15, allowing for a great deal of discussion and debate.