Economics is a study of the way we as humans organize ourselves in order to gain our needs and wants from the earth. Just as each individual family must provide for itself, humanity overall must devise ways to efficiently and justly provide for the human family, within the confines of the planet we live on. Understood that way, we see that the economy impacts all of us all the time and that economics certainly is not just about money.

Economists’ scope of analysis ranges from the individual or household to the entire globe and an economic organization varies across the planet and has changed over time. Virtually all the world’s problems have an economic component and therefore economists are frequently called upon to help solve them.

Our methods of inquiry are often empirical, theoretical, and historical. There are serious debates within the profession about the answers to these questions. The discipline is powerful; economists have influenced and advised powerful leaders for centuries. The policies that have arisen from the ideas of economists can profoundly influence the lives of millions of people, for good or for ill.

As an economics major you will gain a skill set that drives you to become a better active citizen and the background knowledge you obtain will make you a stronger candidate in your professional pursuits.