Expanding Education

Castleton University recently announced the addition of three new graduate programs to its ever-growing list of academic offerings. Beginning in the fall of 2016, Master of Arts in Education degrees in Educational Leadership, and Applied Behavior Analysis, and a Masters of Arts and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in School Psychology, the first of its kind in Vermont, will join the graduate course offerings.

“The Castleton Plan envisioned us becoming a comprehensive master’s university, which will enrich the undergraduate experience,” said Chief Academic Officer Tony Peffer. “Vermont has a need for a comprehensive master’s program, and Castleton is the school to do that.”

The Castleton Plan, a strategic plan and blueprint developed collaboratively over the course of more than a year that envisioned the next ten years at Castleton was inaugurated. The plan builds on the reinvigoration of the past fourteen years, with well-planned incremental increases in undergraduate and graduate enrollment, staffing, programs, and facilities.

The growth and cultivation of exemplary graduate degree programs, including online and hybrid programs and courses, have paved the way for doctoral programs currently under development and thereby aids in establishing Castleton as a leader in graduate education.

To date, the university offers eleven graduate programs. Built in collaboration with faculty and administration, each program provides a hybrid, relationship-based education with residency components.

In addition to the three new programs, Castleton also offers Master of Arts degrees in Arts Administration, and Theater; Master of Arts in Education degrees in Curriculum and Instruction, Mathematics, and Special Education; a Master of Music Education degree; and Master of Science degrees in Accounting, and Athletic Leadership.

With the next round of new programs already in the works for upcoming years, the university plans to continue expanding their academic degree selection, including the addition of various 4+1 options, which offer students an accelerated track to earning both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Additionally, Castleton continues to work with various institutions to cultivate new and exciting matriculation agreements, most recently including Vermont Law School to its growing list of collaborations.

“We need to continue to grow in order to thrive,” explained Peffer, “We are using a forward thinking model as we develop and plan for the future.

For more information on graduate programs at Castleton University, please visit castleton.edu/gradprograms.