Philosophy Minor

Minoring in Philosophy will provide you with an introduction to philosophical thinkers like Plato, Aristotle, and others.

You will also be introduced to the ways previous philosophers thought, traditions within philosophy, and the traditions within religion.

A Philosophy minor challenges you to think about life and classical and modern philosophies. Students can enhance their writing ability and advance critical thinking and effective reasoning skills.

Benefits of a Philosophy Minor

  • Develop skills and understanding by looking into the lives of history’s greatest thinkers
  • Enhance critical thinking skills and develop your own theories on philosophy

Philosophy Minor Requirements

These requirements are from an excerpt from the University Academic Catalog, which outlines the requirements for a student to earn the distinction of being a Castleton University graduate. The complete catalog is available online.

The Minor in Philosophy requires 18 credits in Philosophy courses, which may include POS 3221 - Political Philosophy I and POS 3222 - Political Philosophy II.