Killington Resort Partnership

Our partnership with Killington Resort and our paid work cooperatives will be at the heart of your education in the Resort and Hospitality Management Program. Your work co-op gives you the experience you need while helping to fill an important employment need for Killington Resort.

Through the program, you will complete three co-ops that give you practical experience in various areas and disciplines. Co-ops average about 35 hours per week. There is room for flexibility in your personal interests. You will complete two winter co-ops and one summer co-op at Killington Resort.

Co-op Opportunities

Your co-op provides you exposure to many aspects of working at a resort and helps you determine where you fit in best. You will be asked to complete at least one co-op that has guest contact and at least one co-op that is non-guest contact.

Co-op opportunities run the gamut of jobs offered at the resort, including:

Front of the House

  • Guest services
  • Front desk
  • Ticket sales
  • Equipment rentals
  • Banquet services
  • Retail associate
  • Daycare center
  • Group sales
  • Snowsports

Back of the House

  • Snowmaking
  • Call center
  • Housekeeping
  • Lift operator
  • Food and beverage
  • Cash room and auditing
  • Terrain park attendant
  • Retail warehouse
  • Lift repairs

Co-op Coursework

Co-op positions bring real-world experience back to the classroom, where the learning traction takes place. Lessons learned on the job are put into the context of academic work in terms of communication, job responsibilities, and working at a weather-dependent resort.

Students have the opportunity to discuss their experiences from the workplace, including topics such as leadership, financials, marketing, and communication.

Compensation and Benefit of your Co-op

You will be paid the regular wage for the positions you are hired to meet your co-op requirement and earn nine credits for each co-op experience.

Students earn an estimated $6,000 in the winter and approximately $17,000 over their three years in the program.  You may also work additional hours or jobs outside of your co-op to increase your earnings, depending on the needs of Killington and your availability and other commitments.