“Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.” -C. Wright Mills

Castleton’s Sociology Program is recognized as the University's first “Engaged” academic program for its commitment to experiential study, service learning, civic engagement, community development, and sustainability. Sociology plays an important role in our world. Through the scientific study of society and culture, sociology prepares students for the rapidly changing world in which we live. Core courses in sociological perspectives, social theory and research, provide the foundation for many options of study, especially in cultural anthropology, power and conflict, community studies, criminology, and women’s and gender studies.

With a B.A. in Sociology you will develop sociological perspectives on social structure and culture, social change and conflict, globalization and international development. In addition to a broad and deep knowledge base, a degree in sociology will provide you with the “flexible skills” required for a globalizing world. Many graduates of the sociology program go on to graduate or professional school to study sociology, cultural anthropology, social work, law, international development, and criminology.

The faculty includes experts in a wide range of subjects, including: qualitative and quantitative research, sociological theory, cultural anthropology, religion, environmentalism, social movements, community studies, globalization and social change, music, film making, criminology, gerontology, mental health, health care, women and gender studies, sociology of education, race and ethnic relations. The Sociology faculty is committed to teaching and learning, and several faculty members have received awards for teaching excellence over the last five years including multiple “Outstanding Faculty” awards from the Student Association at Castleton and the award for “Excellence in Teaching for Innovative Use of Community-based Learning” from the Vermont Campus Compact.