Theater Arts

The Theater Arts Department at Castleton is small tightly knit group of students and faculty offering undergraduate and graduate courses of study. In both courses of study you will be encouraged to explore all of the possibilities for personal expression in theater. A balance of theory and practice in coursework and production contributes to this exploration.

The program is designed to give you the opportunity to work on stage, backstage, in shops, in the booth, and on the dance floor. Students build, write, perform, design, and produce. Productions in Casella Theater and the Black Box Theater present multiple opportunities to hone your craft in a public forum. Within the parameters of Castleton’s liberal arts context you will acquire the knowledge to discuss and analyze productions, demonstrate a high degree of competency in one or more areas of theatrical production and utilize materials in an appropriate manner to achieve the desired effects. Additionally, you will learn to work collaboratively to produce creative works that will be presented and reviewed in your area of concentration.

As an undergraduate you will have the opportunity to specialize your studies by selecting a concentration in either Acting and Directing or Technical Theater and Design. These concentrations are designed to prepare you for a professional career as well as a graduate or conservatory level of study.