Loan Exit Information

Federal Regulations require that students who have borrowed Federal Student Loans (Stafford Loans, Direct Loans, and/or Perkins Loans) and are graduating, transferring, resigning, plan to be enrolled less than half time, or are otherwise ceasing enrollment, must attend an exit loan counseling session or complete the session online. A group exit counseling session is offered mid-April each year (see the Academic Calendar for Important Dates and Deadlines for the time/date/place). Otherwise, students are required to complete the exit counseling session online.

  • For students who have borrowed Perkins Loans, the session is done online and you will receive an email notification from Heartland/ECSI, Castleton's Perkins Loan Servicer, with a link and instructions to complete the exit process online.
  • For students who have borrowed Federal Direct and/or Stafford Loans, online exit counseling is done at (you will need your FSA ID to sign in).
  • If you have borrowed both types (Perkins and Direct/Stafford), you must complete both sessions. For both sessions, you will need to have on-hand a next of kin contact, two references including full address and telephone, your driver’s license, and future employer information if known.

Considering consolidation – Remember Federal Student Loan Consolidation is FREE!  Recently there have been advertisements and infomercials on the radio and television regarding defaulted student loan debt relief. Private companies are stating they can help stop harassing collection calls as well as restore credit for defaulted student loan debt. These companies are promoting a service for a fee of $500 or more. The federal government will do all of this for free. You can consolidate your loans by visiting   DO NOT be fooled! DO NOT pay anyone to consolidate your loans.