Getting a Communication Degree at Castleton

Communication students thrive in a project based environment that balances theory and practice. Working closely with faculty and peers, you will study the way media interact with society and produce video, print news, social media, websites, scripts and presentation papers in courses, The Spartan newspaper, WIUV-FM, independent projects and internships.

Students work toward a B.S. in Communication with concentrations in Mass Media, Journalism, Public Relations, Digital Media or by contract. Additionally, the program offers an A.S. degree and minors in communication and film study (see Program Requirements below).

Communication students have gone on to create major network programming, garner credits in academy award winning movies, write and edit for big city daily newspapers, design major web sites, excel at graduate school, provide public information for large businesses and non-profits, teach in high schools and universities, practice law, and a wide array of other professional activities.

While most of the time students work on the campus itself, communication students frequently participate in the London Semester, Santa Fe Semester, internships all over the country and beyond, and find themselves on trips to academic and professional conferences.

With a Castleton communication degree you will be aware of the nature of the communication enterprise as a force in shaping social, economic, and political structure from ethical and ideological perspectives as well as global and national perspectives. As a graduate you will have the ability to think independently and critically, the flexibility necessary to adapt to rapid changes in the field, and the competence to use technological media at a high quality.

Student Video: Communication at Castleton