Writing Clinic

Essays, lab reports, research papers, personal statements – being a college student means a lot of writing. Sometimes, even the most confident writers like having someone else review their work.

Writing Clinic Session

That’s where the Writing Clinic comes in. Whether you have questions about placing a comma, citing a source, or structuring an argument, our tutors are happy to assist you. Haven’t started your paper yet? No worries – we’ll help you brainstorm ideas or create an outline.

Most of our tutors are peer tutors, Castleton undergrads who have completed a seminar in teaching writing. We also have a few paraprofessional tutors, who have earned bachelor’s or master’s degrees in English, writing, or related fields. All are friendly, flexible, and happy to answer your questions.

Please note: we’re not an editing service. We can’t proofread your work. However, we can help you become a more careful editor.

The Writing Clinic is first-come, first-served. We suggest coming in well before your paper is due – the earlier you come in, the more we can do for you.

Our clinic hours appear below. You can also schedule an appointment with our Writing Specialist, Dorothy Dahm, if you want more one-on-one attention. Please call (802) 468-1347 to set up an appointment. Interested in becoming a tutor? Call us or stop by Babcock to learn more about our opportunities.


Writing Clinic Hours




Monday - Thursday

9 am

2 pm


5 pm

9 pm


9 am

2 pm

Saturday - Sunday



Note: The Writing Clinic is closed when classes are not in session.